Design, Monitoring and Evaluation for Peacebuilding

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What is the Field Guide?


This Field Guide provides a compilation of foundational material relevant to peacebuilding contexts on the design and conduct of evaluation (including manuals, guidelines, tools, etc.), developed by international agencies, academic institutions and NGOs.  The Guide has been “curated” by the members and Advisory Board of the Peacebuilding Evaluation Consortium (PEC)—which include the Alliance for Peacebuilding, Mercy Corps, Search for Common Ground, CDA Collaborative Learning Projects, BESA: Catalysing Strategic Change, and the US Institute of Peace and ten Advisory Board members with deep experience in evaluation of peacebuilding around the world.

There is a plethora of evaluation guidance already available online and in print.  The Field Guide does not replicate these resources, but tries to help evaluators and program staff find guidance they need easily and quickly by providing a manageable number of excellent, accessible and user-friendly resources on evaluation that are related to or relevant for peacebuilding.  These range from basic readings on evaluation and peacebuilding evaluation (for those new to the field) to concrete step-by-step guidance and toolkits, sector-specific guidance and tools, and briefs on dealing with special challenges in peacebuilding evaluation.

The peacebuilding evaluation field is constantly evolving, with new innovations and new challenges emerging every day.  The Guide will evolve with the field; we will update it and replace old resources, as new excellent guidance, innovations and tools are developed.

This Guide focuses on evaluation. We recognize that program design and monitoring are elements of effective practice, and their quality can affect the quality and usefulness, even the feasibility, of evaluation.  The Field Guide currently does not include these critical topics—but may in the future.

We also welcome your input.  If there are resources or materials that you think are foundational, or new resources that should be included—please let us know.