Design, Monitoring and Evaluation for Peacebuilding

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What is in the Field Guide and how do I use it?

Evaluation item: 
Introduction to Evaluation and General Guidance

If you are new to evaluation...

  • START HERE: What is Evaluation and why is it useful? 

You will also find

  • Information on types of evaluation (formative, summative, developmental, etc.)
  • Key books and online "how to" resources for peacebuilding evaluation
  • Glossaries of evaluation terminology
  • An Overview of Peacebuilding Evaluation - including the state of play and history
  • Quality standards for evaluation
  • Links to places where you can find additional resources
Planning an Evaluation

You will find practical guidance on planning an evaluation of peacebuilding, including:

  • Determining whether you are ready for evaluation and what options exist for assessing your program if you are not
  • How to prepare for an evaluation
  • Developing and eliciting the theory of change of the peacebuilding initiative being evaluated
  • Criteria for evaluating peacebuilding
  • What evaluation approaches/designs you might use to conduct the evaluation - including guidance on how to implement different approaches
Managing and Implementing an Evaluation

You will find practical guidance on managing and implementing an evaluation - from writing terms of reference to managing logistices, managing a team and budgets.

Also included are resourced related to:

  • How do you collect and analyze dataYou will find resources on different data collection and analysis methods to ensure your evidence is valid and representative.
  • Ensuring the evaluation process is ethical and conflict-sensitive. You will find resources on ethical and conflict sensitivity issues implicated in peacebuilding evaluation and how to manage them.
  • Evaluating efforts in particular sectors.  Included are sector-specific tools and guidance for evaluation.
  • There are resources appropriate for evaluators with little, some or extensive evaluation experience—marked by labels Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

The Field Guide is divided into sections featuring materials ranging from basic readings on evaluation and peacebuilding evaluation, to concrete step-by-step guidance and toolkits targeting different stakeholders and aspects of evaluation.

The Field Guide is structured in a way that allows readers to follow the different sections progressively or, if they so prefer, to consult different sections individually according to needs and interests.  There are three navigation links, leading to resources on: