Design, Monitoring and Evaluation for Peacebuilding

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Where can I Find Additional Resources?

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Websites Dedicated to M&E or M&E of Peacebuilding
  • DME for Peace
    • DME for Peace was created to provide peacebuilding professionals with a platform to share tools, methodologies and findings among the community to help them identify and demonstrate what works, what does not and why.
  • Better Evaluation
    • This comprehensive site features a significant amount of up-to-date resources, toolkits and guidance materials on evaluation, along with blogs and discussions on the latest in evaluation where practitioners and academics share their knowledge and experiences. 
  • My M and E
    • My M&E is an interactive Web 2.0 platform to share knowledge on country-led M&E systems worldwide. In addition to being a learning source, My M&E facilitates the strengthening of a global community, while identifying good practices and lessons learned about monitoring and evaluation in general, and country-led M&E systems in particular.
  • Genuine Evaluation
    • This blog by highly respected evaluators Patricia Rogers and Jane Davidson addresses a range of evaluation topics in simple, understandable form—with a focus on complex situations. 

These websites are dedicated to both M&E in general or M&E of peacebuilding, and offer relevant and up-to-date guidance material, along with other options for sharing and learning about evaluation, including blogs and discussions, events, etc.