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How do I know? Strategic planning, learning, and evaluation in peacebuilding

The Network for Peacebuilding Evaluation was pleased to welcome the working group on peace and development FriEnt, as they presented on their recent publication, "How do I know? Strategic planning, learning, and evaluation in peacebuilding" on February 5, 2015. 

Results orientation in its current practice may be more of a hindrance than a help for achieving better results in the field. However, there are experiences in international and local organizations that point to a learning orientation beyond the established structures and procedures, a more systematic use of lessons learned and results of multiple experiences and a more adventurous use of alternative methods that allow for taking into consideration the complexity and dynamics of (post-) conflict situations.

Recording and Transcript:


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About the Speaker: Sylvia Servaes is desk officer at Misereor for Consultation on justice, peace and human rights in the Great Lakes Region and serves as a Team member on behalf of Misereor in the Working Group on Peace and Development/ FriEnt. Her current subjects include questions of impact and results measurement in peace building. Together with Natascha Zupan she has compiled the publication “How do I know? Strategic planning, learning and evaluation in peace building”.