Design, Monitoring and Evaluation for Peacebuilding

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Launching the First Community of Practice for Peacebuilding Evaluation

For the past twenty years, I have focused part of my career on how we as peacebuilders verify the good work we intended to achieve through our programs and learn how to improve our practice. 

About two years ago I sat down with Nick Oatley, the former Search for Common Ground Director of Institutional Learning,  to discuss the gap between peacebuilding evaluation researchers like myself at academic institutions like American University and practitioners that are on the ground everyday building peace. He too saw that the work my colleagues and I did not always translate from our peer-reviewed journals to accessible application guides for people in the field.  

We decided to do something about this gap and build a bridge between practitioners and evaluation experts and researchers: the Network for Peacebuilding Evaluation (NPE).  Housed in the School of International Service and the Center for Peacebuilding and Development at American University, the NPE is a part of the Peacebuilding Evaluation Consortium (PEC). Made possible by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the PEC convened by the Alliance for Peacebuilding, includes American UniversityMercy Corps, and Search for Common Ground, and the United States Institute of Peace

The NPE will act as a hub for academic and practitioner interaction to apply cutting-edge research methodologies that measure the impact of community and national programs in fragile and conflict-affected areas. NPE members are distinguished academics, researchers and scholar practitioners from around the world, who are guiding and influencing a collective shift toward more effective, innovative, transparent, and rigorous evaluations within the field of peacebuilding. 

See who is part of the NPE Steering Committee here

To facilitate this interaction, we have created an NPE online Community of Practice here on the DME for Peace (The Learning Portal for Design, Monitoring and Evaluation for Peacebuilding). To learn more about NPE make sure you join us for the global launch online on Thursday, March 13, 2014 at 9:30 – 10:30 AM EDT and sign up for the online community of practice and please RSVP using this Google Form.