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OxPeace & IPDTC March Executive Leadership Programmes in Peacebuilding, Mediation and Prevention


Oxford University in cooperation with the International Peace and Development Training Center is hosting two Executive Leadership Programmes in Oxford:


Developing Critical Expertise in Peacebuilding, Mediation & Prevention:

Global Experiences, Key Lessons and Developments in the Field (17-19 March 2014)


Intensive in Prevention of Armed Conflict & Armed Violence:

with focus on Electoral Violence Prevention and Armed Violence Prevention (20-21 March 2014)

For more information, please contact OxPeace at or IPDTC at

Developing Critical Expertise in Peacebuilding, Mediation & Prevention:

Global Experiences, Key Lessons and Developments in the Field (17-19 March 2014)

Is a three-day  practical and intensive course on peacebuilding, mediation and  prevention, filled with extensive examples from cases around the world, and practical ideas and key knowledge for people working in the field. The course will draw on a wide range of contemporary case studies and will combine large group lectures with small group, problem-focused discussion.

 Topics covered include: ‘Engaging with Conflict and Crisis’, ‘Prevention and Peacebuilding in the Field: New Developments, new Frontiers’; ‘From Reaction to Prevention: Improving UN, State and Civil Society Capacities for early Warning and Effective Prevention’; ‘Conflict Intelligence and Applied Conflict Analysis’, ‘Mediation and Peace Processes: State of the Field Today’;  Applied Mediation Practice: Addressing and Learning from Challenges to Peace Processes’; ‘Making Peacebuilding and Prevention effective: beyond interventions to sustainable peacebuilding and infrastructure for peace (I4P)’ 



Preventing Electoral Violence & Preventing Armed Violence (20-21 March 2014)


This intensive program has been designed for policy makers, diplomats, IGO, INGO and NGO staff and leading experts and practitioners in the field to provide an operational and global overview of key lessons learned / identified for effective prevention of 1. Electoral Violence and 2. Armed Violence. Concrete case-studies and examples will be used to illustrate proven lessons and experiences from the field. Systems, tools and methodologies for conflict intelligence, early warning, preparedness and prevention will be presented and reviewed, identifying strengths and benefits as well as shortcomings and challenges, and how these can be used by governments, national and international agencies, NGOs, and local communities to better identify conflict drivers, situations of risk, and concrete measures and tools for prevention.


About OxPeace: The Oxford Network of Peace Studies (OxPeace) is a multi-disciplinary initiative to promote the academic study of peace, peacemaking, peacebuilding and peacekeeping at the University of Oxford. OxPeace comprises scholars and students from a variety of disciplines. It organizes lectures, seminars and conferences, and through its email lists it publicizes information about other related events. 

About IPDTC: IPDTC has an international pool of leading experts and practitioners covering a wide range of issues in the fields of peacebuilding, prevention, post-war recovery and related issues. We work with requesting organizations, agencies, missions and ministries to customize programmes for your exact needs, context and conditions.  In case of questions or for further information please contact IPDTC at For references on our training programmes, please access the Review and Feedback section of our site.