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Participatory Evaluations in Peacebuilding and Governance

On March 5, 2015 The Network for Peacebuilding Evaluation and the Peacebuilding Evaluation Consortium were pleased to have hosted a Thursday Talk with Jennifer Crall of the International Republican Institute (IRI) who discussed Participatory Evaluations in Peacebuilding and Governance .

Participatory monitoring and evaluation is invaluable in creating partnerships with and eliciting buy-in from stakeholders, which is imperative to the success of international assistance programs that seek to encourage sustainable and resilient systemic change. Including local perspectives throughout international assistance programming can be of great benefit to international donors, implementing organizations, and most importantly program beneficiaries, as they have the ultimate stake in the program’s success.  Program beneficiaries should be involved in designing and guiding the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs, as this process increases the usability, reliability, applicability, relevance, and ultimately impact of an international assistance program and evaluation. During this webinar, Jennifer Crall shared examples, lessons learned and tips for conducting participatory monitoring and evaluation of democratic governance programs from her experience at the International Republican Institute.

Recording and Transcript:

Please check back soon for the recording and transcript!

About the Speaker: 

Jennifer Crall, Deputy Director, Monitoring and Evaluation, International Republican Institute

Jennifer Crall joined IRI’s Office of Monitoring and Evaluation in August 2013.  Immediately prior, she served as IRI’s resident country director in Libya where she implemented the Institute’s democratic governance program.  As a former expatriate, she brings a unique understanding of how rigorous monitoring and evaluation strengthens IRI’s programs around the world. As deputy director, Crall assists IRI staff in Washington, DC and overseas and IRI partners to design monitoring and evaluation systems that are results-oriented, rigorous and realistic to implement.  Since joining IRI in 2009, Crall has also served in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as has worked on IRI programs in Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon and West Bank/Gaza from Washington, DC.  Crall has an extensive background in strategic planning, preparing candidates and parties to stand for election, developing advocacy campaigns and building sustainable civil society organizations.  In her time with IRI, Crall has implemented numerous special projects, including leading a delegation of Jordanian mayors to Colombia to learn about democratic governance best practices, as well as participating in election observation missions to Timor-Leste and Ukraine in 2012.  Prior to joining IRI, Crall worked in political management and communications.