Design, Monitoring and Evaluation for Peacebuilding

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Results Measurement in Conflict Affected Environments - Call for Interviews

Hi all,

Successfully designing, monitoring and evaluating private sector development (PSD) projects is challenging in fragile or conflict affected areas, where instability, lack of data, and complexity limit the ability to measure and manage results. On behalf of the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development, a team from Ben Fowler Consulting Inc. comprised of Ben Fowler and Adam Kessler are currently developing guidelines for the implementation by PSD projects of the DCED’s Standard for Measuring Results in Private Sector Development (“the DCED Standard”) in conflict affected environments.  Currently in its fifth version, the DCED Standard synthesizes best practices for results ameasurement in private sector development projects. It provides a framework for project managers to build a results measurement system, to monitor their progress and project their results.  The new guidelines will support managers wishing to apply the Standard to projects in conflict affected environments.  The resulting implementation guidelines are intended to be a practical and useful resource. They will be publically available from the DCED’s website once finalized. 

To develop strong guidelines, we would like to interview project managers and M&E managers working on private sector development projects in conflict affected areas. We will ask about the challenges you face, and how you overcome them in your monitoring systems. The guidelines would really benefit from incorporating your experience and learning, and if you are willing we may use your project as a case study of good practice. We are particularly interested in hearing from projects with a clearly defined results chain or theory of change that links private sector development activities with peacebuilding objectives. We are planning to complete the current research phase at the end of September, 2012, so it would be helpful to hear from you before then. 

To be in touch with us, please contact us at or  We can also send you a more detailed synopsis of our investigation if you're interested.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

Ben and Adam