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Why not we encourage impact investing when it is doing good for society and environment?

We know investment always brings profit or loss. Only except philanthropist, when anyone or any organization wants to invest money then he or she must desires some financial profit or outcomes from their investment. Some practitioner and Academic think or pursue their opinion that there should be no scope of financial profit by impact investing. But is it possible to continue and broadly spread this type investment opportunity in whole over the world. Are the investors desire to invest for positive social changes when their investment will not bring financial profit for them rather it will be in a vulnerable position?  May be not! Every traditional businessman works for profit. If the investors gain some profit then many investors will come forward to invest their more finance for positive social changes. If there are much positive social impact come by impact investing then everyone should encourage and talk about this. It helps more than traditional commercial investment. So there are no problems of gaining little profit or only principal through investment when major predicted social outcomes are coming and strengthening the economy, reducing poverty and inequality. And we can call it as ‘Positive Impact Investing’.

So why not we encourage this types of investment when it is doing good for society and environment?

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Thank you for your post Suman! Impact investing has certainly gotten a lot of attention in recent years due to its potential ability to transform the social space. You will be interested in having a look at this short video that the World Economic Forum released on impact investing: