Design, Monitoring and Evaluation for Peacebuilding

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Challenges that Complexity Poses for Monitoring and Evaluation and Systemic Thinking as a Means to Cope

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Ricardo Wilson-Grau

This webinar series invites experts in various systems and peace disciplines to guide expeditions to the frontiers of their own work. As a community of scholars and practitioners, we will accompany these pioneers to explore the insights and questions emerging at the edge of the known world of systems and peace. This process will help set the stage for the DST Innovation Lab 2015.

This webinar explores the strengths and weaknesses of how Wilson-Grau broaches the subject of complexity and systems thinking with clients who engage him to support them in developing monitoring (or M&E) mechanisms or to evaluate their work.

The webinar is available here:

This series was inspired by the Dynamical Systems Theory Innovation Lab and hosted by Dr. Glenda Eoyang of Human Systems Dynamics Institute

Interdisciplinary gatherings, like the DST Labs, are wonderful opportunities to build connections and find similarities among diverse fields. To complement the 2014 Lab, the organization wants to provide deep dives into the differences among theories and methods.