Design, Monitoring and Evaluation for Peacebuilding

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CRS Asia M&E Guidance Series

Author, Copyright Holder: 
Clara Hagens, Dominique Morel, Alex Causton, Christina Way
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Community involvement in monitoring is beneficial for both communities and project quality.  Community engagement allows communities to play a more active role in project management, to reflect upon progress and to assess changes in their situation and context.  Projects are enriched by gaining additional insight on how communities view progress and identify early signs of change and impact.  Community involvement in monitoring also builds the community’s capacity to direct their development, increases the community’s sense of ownership of the project, and builds accountability and transparency.

  • Community participation in monitoring provides many benefits to the community in addition to contributing to the monitoring system. Community monitoring often increases the community’s sense of ownership of the project and awareness of key issues which they have identified early on in the design process.