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Project evaluation: initiative to promote Afghan civil society II (I-PACS II)

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This evaluation reviews theinitiative to Promote Afghan Civil Society Phase II (I-PACS II), a three-year $45,000,000 program funded by USAID and implemented by Counterpart International Inc. (Counterpart) in partnership with the International Center for Not-for Profit Law (ICNL). The project ran from October 1, 2010 through September 30, 2013. I-PACS II was a follow-on award to the I-PACS I Project (2005-2010).

The overall goal of I-PACS II was to enable Afghan citizens to more effectively participate in the political process, solve community problems and demand good governance from their leaders. The three program objectives were: 1) To strengthen civil society by improving its enabling environment, accountability and transparency; 2) To strengthen civil society‘s capacity for democratic processes; and 3) To increase citizen mobilization and policy engagement. 

Capacity building of Afghan civil society organizations (CSOs) was a major component of I-PACS’ work, with an emphasis on Afghan women-led CSOs and gender policy activities. Other areas included public awareness of the purpose and importance of civil society. At the time of evaluation, the I-PACS II network included 380 organizations, almost half of which are women-led or women-focused.