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Rift Valley Local Empowerment for Peace II (LEAP II) Final Evaluation Report

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USAID, MercyCorps
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This evaluation reviews the The USAID funded Rift Valley Local Empowerment for Peace (LEAP II) program in the Rift Valley, Kenya.

The LEAP II program was the second phase of a peacebuilding program in the Rift Valley implemened by Mercy Corps. The LEAP II project ran from July 2010 to July 2013. The goals and objectives of the program (and a cost-extension) shifted, narrowing the program focus while expanding its geographic area. 

The project had two main theories of change. The first theory was that the economic empowerment of youth guards against their manipulation towards violence, and the second being the strengthening on local structures in response to the causes post-election violence enables them to sustain peace in times of stress.

The overall LEAP II goal was to strengthen the ability of local structures to address causes of post-election violence and promote sustainable peace and reconciliation.