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What Matters Most: Measuring Plans for Inclusive Security

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Institute for Inclusive Security
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On April 2, 2015 the Network for Peacebuilding Evaluation and Peacebuilding Evaluation Consortium were pleased to have hosted a Thursday Talk with Szuszanna Lippai, Monitoring and Evaluation manager of the Institute for Inclusive Security, who discussed the Institute's recently published report, "What Matters Most: Measuring Plans for Inclusive Security."

Zsuzsanna introduced the recently published guide to monitor and assess policies for women, peace, and security entitled, "What Matters Most: Measuring Plans for Inclusive Security." She also spoke about the importance of data colelction, analysis, and use for National Action Plans and present the key purposes and features of the guide. She will close by outlining some challenges and lessons learned that the Institute has experienced about national-level capacity building for M&E.


Click here to view the Institute for Inclusive Security's Report "What Matters Most: Measuring Plans for Inclusive Security."

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About the Speaker:

Zsuzsanna Lippai is the Monitoring and Evaluation manager at the Institute for Inclusive Security in Washington, DC where she develops and manages an organization-wide monitoring, evaluation, and learning system for advocacy and capacity building programs. She advised the Agency for Gender Equality of Bosnia and Herzegovina on establishing a monitoring and evaluation plan for their Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security, and provided training on policy evaluation to representatives of various Ministries involved in implementation.