Design, Monitoring and Evaluation for Peacebuilding

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Brenna Marea Powell

San Francisco
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Principal & Chairman
The IPRE Group
Ms. Brenna Powell PhD
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I am a Principal at the IPRE Group.  We are a small, woman-owned consulting firm that provides rigorous policy analysis and impact evaluation for organizations working in challenging political environments.  We help organizations understand and maximize their impact in fields related to political development, peacebuilding and social entrepreneurship.  Our approach includes two steps: 1) we design and implement innovative evaluation plans to measure and understand the impact organizations are achieving in the communities in which they work; and 2) use this learning to develop evidence-based strategic plans to help organizations better achieve their goals.  We provide these services to NGOs, governmental and inter-governmental agencies, corporations and social enterprises working directly in the field, as well as foundations and funding agencies engaged indirectly through grant making.  

IPRE Group Principals and Partners all have strong academic training, as well as extensive practical experience in diverse political environments.  Principals are full-time IPRE employees, and have a combination of broad experience in political development and governance with PhD-level training in the social sciences.  IPRE Partners are key players in their respective fields, from media impact, to survey design and network analysis.  The organizational structure of The IPRE Group as a network means that we have a broad and unique range of regional and methodological expertise to apply to our clients' needs.  With respect to impact evaluation, we can design and implement rigorous research including surveys, RCTs, or behavioral experiments appropriate to the context.