Design, Monitoring and Evaluation for Peacebuilding

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Ali A. Riazi

Services & Capabilities

I have notable experience in civil-military affairs and conflict analysis and advise on international matters, including intra‐state conflict, transnational threats, humanitarian law, and contextual specifics in the Near East and Central Asia. In past work, I designed and implemented a research project in Afghanistan for CARE, in partnership with UNOCHA and ACBAR and funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to support advocacy with concrete evidence of infringement of protocols related to humanitarian and development programming in Afghanistan by parties to the conflict.

I have over 10 years of career experience in foreign affairs throughout the Near East and Central Asia. During this time, I have dealt with controversial topics: aid and development activity during war, the role that military forces can play in either ameliorating or fomenting conflict, investigation of mass atrocities, and the conflict in Afghanistan. 

I currently train military forces on the complexities of reintegrating former combatants, governance, humanitarian law, development activity in conflict zones, and relations with NGOs. Additionally, I am currently using web‐based surveying and randomized assignment to research the framing of separatism as terrorism and its effects on support to either counter‐terrorism measures or measures that address actual separatist grievances.

My full experience can be found on my LinkedIn profile, noted below.