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Provision of Professional Services to conduct an independent, final evaluation of Peacebuilding Priority Plans implementation and results in Guatemala for the Peacebuilding Fund.

Date of this EOI: 11 March 2015 Closing Date for Receipt of EOI at PD: 31 March 2015

EOI Number: EOIMI10861

Address EOI response by fax or e-mail for the Attention of: Mohammad Islam

Fax Number: (917)-367-0921

E-mail Address:

UNSPSC Code: 80100000, 80101600


The United Nations Procurement Division (UN/PD) will shortly be issuing a solicitation for the provision of

Professional Services to conduct an evaluation for the UN Peacebuilding Fund (PBF).

The UN is seeking to identify an institutional contractor to conduct an independent final evaluation of PBF's

programmatic investments in Guatemala. Each prospective vendor must present a proposal to conduct a

final programmatic evaluation of these peacebuilding interventions.

Background on the PBF and its investment in Guatemala:

The Peacebuilding Fund (PBF) supports the United Nation's broader peacebuilding objectives in countries

emergning out of crisis or at risk of relapsing into conflict. It is intended to be a catalytic fund, driven by

existing planning, coordination and monitoring mechanisms to support the peacebuilding strategies of incountry

UN and Government leadership. The Peacebuilding Support Office (PBSO) is responsible for the

overall management of the PBF; UNDP’s Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) is the Fund’s Administrative

Agent. At the country level, management of the Fund is delegated to a Joint Steering Committee (JSC), cochaired

by the national Government and the United Nations with a broader membership representing

national and international stakeholders.

On November 15th, 2010, the UN Secretary-General declared Guatemala eligible to receive funds from the

Peacebuilding Fund (PBF). In April 2011, funding of $10 million was announced by the PBF, in support of

Guatemala’s Peacebuilding Priority Plan (PPP), a strategic document meant to guide national decisionmaking

on how best to implement interventions aimed at addressing peacebuilding priorities.

The Priority Plan supports the effective implementation of the Guatemalan Peace Accords. The Guatemalan

government and the National Council of the Peace Accords acknowledge that the agenda of the Peace

Accords has remained unfulfilled, including important aspects of the Accords related to justice and security

PD/EOI/HQ v2014-01

United Nations Nations Unies

Procurement Division

New York


reform. Historic causes of the conflict remain only partially addressed and, combined with the new forms of

violence noted above, threaten to draw Guatemala back into renewed conflict. Guatemala’s Peacebuilding

Priority Plan has focused on restoring public confidence in justice and security institutions through capacity

development and reform, as well as promoting coexistence and peaceful resolution of conflicts. Four

projects have been implemented in support of these two stratetic objectives.

PBF final evaluation of the Guatemala PPP:

After nearly four years of sustained PBF engagement in Guatemala, this evaluation is planned to assess

PBF’s achievements in a cumulative way and its overall added value to peacebuilding in Guatemala. This

evaluation is timely as it will contribute not only to better understanding the effectiveness of PBF’s strategic

decision-making and overall learning about how selected projects have contributed to the overall PPP

outcomes, but will help inform decision-making on the appropriateness of any continued PBF engagement

beyond the current PPP.

Hence, the purpose of this evaluation is to:

- assess to what extent the PPP has made a real and sustained impact in terms of building and

consolidating peace in Guatemala, either through direct action or through catalytic effects;

- assess individual project performance, as well as the collective contribution of projects within a given

priority area;

- assess how relevant, efficient, effective and sustainable PBF support to Guatemala has been;

- assess where the critical remaining peacebuilding gaps in Guatemala are;

- provide lessons for future PBF support internationally on key success and failure factors (both in terms of

programming and in terms of management of PBF funds and support provided by the PBF); and

- serve as a useful evidence-based input for decision-making on any possible future support.

Final evaluations of PBF programmatic investments are requested by PBSO's Senior Management as

independent evaluations of peacebuilding results of PBF-funded work at country level. Their main objective

is to provide evidence, findings and recommendations on these results for consideration and action by

relevant actors, including PBF staff, staff of the PBF's Administrative Agent, UN Country Teams, UN

missions, and Governments. They will also serve as relevant inputs to PBF policies and guidance, and

other reviews.

Final evaluations are conducted by independent evaluators and managed by the M&E Unit of PBF, with

support from in-country UN staff. While evaluations are fully independent, a PBF M&E Unit staff member

may accompany the evaluation team during data collection for quality assurance. The evaluation manager

will be supported by an evaluation reference group of key stakeholders, which will provide critical feedback

on all evaluation deliverables, including the Inception Report, survey instruments and other data collection

tools and the Final Report. Evaluation teams are expected to work responsively with the reference groups,

while still maintaining independence.

Final evaluations' methodology should identify a range of data collection tools and ensures that both

qualitative and quantitative methods appropriately speak to each other in a mixed methods approach. Data

will be derived from primary and secondary sources, direct observation in the field, key informant interviews,

focus groups, and/or surveys with stakeholder groups. Other methodologies to consider include the

development of case studies, cluster analysis, statistical analysis of data, social network analysis, etc. The

Evaluation Team will produce a detailed methodological plan during the inception phase. This plan should

also include a detailed description of the triangulation strategy, gender analysis, and how stakeholder

perceptions will be utilized as a validation tool.

The outcome of a final evaluation will be a report that presents main findings and recommendation from the

evaluation, as well as presentations to PBF Senior Management and other stakeholders, as appropriate.

The evaluation findings and recommendations are expected to be used to inform actions to further

strengthen key aspects of PBF's work, both in New York and in the countries PBF supports.

The evaluation report will provide actionable recommendations on how PBF and its partners can improve

their effectiveness and/or modify their activities in the specific area being evaluated, taking into

consideration any changes in the peacebuilding context. All final evaluation reports will be made public.

Services shall be provided in New York and in Guatemala. Evaluation teams are expected to visit the PBF

in New York during the inception phase for orientation and background debrief as well as for a presentation

of the final report upon its acceptance. In addition to New York, the evaluation team will conduct data

PD/EOI/HQ v2014-01

collection and validation exercises with in-country stakeholders in Guatemala.

Selected vendors will have to organize evaluation teams, from the list of team members provided in their

proposals, within a short-time, upon request for a specific evaluation.

The contract will be for the period covering the implementation and finalisation of the final evaluation report,

expected to last approximately three to four months.

Fluency in oral and written English and Spanish is a mandatory requirement. The final evaluation report

should be provided in English and in Spanish.

Companies that answer this EOI need to have a minimum of 5 years of experience in conducting

evaluations of peacebuilding interventions.


Information on tendering for the UN Procurement System is available free of charge at the following


Only the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) has been authorised to collect a nominal fee from

vendors that wish to receive automatically Procurement Notices or Expressions Of Interest. Vendors

interested in this Tender Alert Service are invited to subscribe on

Vendors interested in participating in the planned solicitation process should complete the Vendor

Response Form of this EOI and send it via fax or e-mail to United Nations Procurement Division

(UNPD) before the closing date set forth above.

PD/EOI/HQ v2014-01


1. Interested firms must complete the following Vendor Response Form no later than 17:00 pm Eastern

Time (US) on the stated deadline date, via (a) email as a PDF attachment to, or (b)

facsimile to +1 212 963 6315 (Attention: Silvia Brodi).

2. Vendor Response Forms must be completed in full. The UN reserves the right to reject Expressions of

Interest documents that are incomplete, or are received after the stated deadline.



TO: Mohammad Islam EOI Number: EOIMI10861

FAX: (917)-367-0921


SUBJECT: Provision of Professional Services to conduct an independent, final evaluation of Peacebuilding

Priority Plans implementation and results in Guatemala for the Peacebuilding Fund.


 Companies can only participate in solicitations of the UN Secretariat after completing their registration (free

of charge) at the United Nations Global Marketplace (

 As you express interest in the planned solicitation by submitting this response form, please verify and

ensure that your company is registered under its full legal name with the UN Secretariat on the United

Nations Global Marketplace (

 We strongly recommend all companies to register at least at Level 1 under the United Nations Secretariat

prior to participating in any solicitations.

To be completed by the Vendor (All fields marked with an ‘*’ are mandatory)


UNPD Vendor ID Number: UNGM Vendor ID Number*:

Legal Company Name (Not trade name or DBA name) *:

Company Contact *:

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City *: State:

Country *:

Telephone Number *:

Fax Number *:

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Company Website:

We declare that our company fully meets the prerequisites A, B, C, D, E and F, for eligibility to register with

the United Nations as outlined in the paragraph 1 of the EOI INSTRUCTIONS page.

Signature :_____________________________ Date:____________________

Name and Title :_____________________________

PD/EOI/HQ v2014-01


1) Registering as a Vendor with the United Nations

Vendors interested in fulfilling the requirement described above must be registered at the UN Global

Marketplace ( with the UN Secretariat in order to be eligible to participate in any solicitation.

Information on the registration process can be found at

Prerequisites for Eligibility

In order to be eligible for UN registration, you must declare that:

A. Your company (as well as any parent, subsidiary or affiliate companies) is not listed in, or associated with a

company or individual listed in:

I. the Compendium of United Nations Security Council Sanctions Lists

(, or

II. the IIC Oil for Food List website or, if listed on either, this has been disclosed to the United Nations

Procurement Division in writing.

B. Your company (as well as any parent, subsidiary or affiliate companies) is not currently removed or

suspended by the United Nations or any other UN organisation (including the World Bank);

C. Your company (as well as any parent, subsidiary of affiliate companies) is not under formal investigation,

nor have been sanctioned within the preceding three (3) years, by any national authority of a United Nations

Member State for engaging or having engaged in proscribed practices, including but not limited to:

corruption, fraud, coercion, collusion, obstruction, or any other unethical practice;

D. Your company has not declared bankruptcy, are not involved in bankruptcy or receivership proceedings, and

there is no judgment or pending legal action against your company that could impair your company's

operations in the foreseeable future;

E. Your company does not employ, or anticipate employing, any person(s) who is, or has been a UN staff

member within the last year, if said UN staff member has or had prior professional dealings with the Vendor

in his/her capacity as UN staff member within the last three years of service with the UN (in accordance with

UN post-employment restrictions published in ST/SGB/2006/15.

F. Your company undertakes not to engage in proscribed practices (including but not limited to: corruption,

fraud, coercion, collusion, obstruction, or any other unethical practice), with the UN or any other party, and to

conduct business in a manner that averts any financial, operational, reputational or other undue risk to the


For Registered Vendors: Vendors already registered at the UN Global Marketplace with the UN Secretariat

must ensure that the information and documentation (e.g. financial statements, address, contact name, etc.)

provided in connection with their registration are up to date in UNGM. Please verify and ensure that your

company is registered under its full legal name.

For Vendors Interested in Registration: Vendors not yet registered should apply for registration on the

United Nations Global Marketplace (; information on the registration process can be

found at Vendors must complete the registration process prior to the closing

date of the REOI. Vendors who have not completed the UNGM registration process with the UN Secretariat

before the closing date of the REOI are not considered eligible to participate in solicitations of the UN

Secretariat. We strongly recommend all companies to register at least at Level 1 under the UN Secretariat prior

to participating in any solicitations.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Any false, incomplete or defective vendor registration may result in the rejection

of the application or cancellation of an already existing registration.

2) EOI Process

Vendors interested in participating in the planned solicitation process should forward their expression of interest

(EOI) to the United Nations Procurement Division (UNPD) by the closing date set forth in this EOI. Due to the

high volume of communications, UNPD is not in a position to issue confirmation of receipt of EOIs.

Please note that no further details of the planned solicitation can be made available to the vendors prior to

issuance of the solicitation documents.

This EOI is issued subject to the conditions contained in the EOI introductory page on the UNPD Website

indicated above.

PD/EOI/HQ v2014-01

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Directions are included in the Call for Expressions of Interest in the attachment and on the UN Procurement website.

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