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Design, Monitoring And Evaluation Summer Fellow

Search for Common Ground
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Full time
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Design, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist - East and Southern Africa
Search for Common Ground
Ms. Adrienne Lemon

Search for Common Ground

Search for Common Ground (SFCG) is one of the largest international NGOs working on peacebuilding and conflict transformation. We have 30 offices around the world with over 400 staff. At the office in Bujumbura there are approximately 21 full-time staff and two regional programming and monitoring and evaluation staff.

SFCG is full of committed, enthusiastic and talented individuals. It is a fun place to work and an exciting place to learn offering a rich range of opportunities.

The Institutional Learning Team

The Institutional Learning Team (ILT) sits at the heart of the organisation. The Team comprises the VP of Programs, DM&E Senior Manager, Learning Portal Manager, and the Director of Children and Youth, all of whom are based in DC. It additionally includes five DM&E Specialists based in Nepal, Tunisia, Cote d’Ivoire, Burundi, and Washington DC.

 ILT is a fun team to be part of and undertakes work that spans the full spectrum of work of the organisation. ILT works across every programme at Search for Common Ground (SFCG) either on Design, Monitoring & Evaluation (DM&E) related issues or on learning and cross-fertilisation related themes.

The fellow will be working with the Design, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist based in the Search for Common Ground Country office in Bujumbura, Burundi.

Job Description

Supervised by the Design, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, SFCG seeks a total of one fellow for the Institutional Learning Team to support SFCG’s Monitoring and Evaluation work in the Great Lakes Region.

If you are a student and would like to earn course credit from your fellowship, we are willing to work with you to develop a rigorous workload that is relevant to your field of study and professional interests.

We want our fellows to have as rich of an experience as possible. Towards this end we ask every fellow to develop a set of strategic learning objectives at the beginning of their fellowship, outlining their key learning and professional development needs. ILT staff will work with you to ensure assignments are relevant to these learning objectives and that you continue to grow throughout your fellowship.

Special Projects: the fellow will be asked to support research and writing for an evaluation of one of our projects working on protection of Central African Republic refugees in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. It will be an opportunity to engage in fieldwork and analysis with support from the DRC team and the DME Regional Specialist.

DM&E Research Fellow’s Responsibilities

  •  Support an evaluation of one of SFCG’s programs focusing on protection of CAR refugees in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • Support quality of research, monitoring and evaluation taking place in Burundi’s office during the 2015 election period.
  • Support research on cutting edge issues in research and evaluation methodology, thematic issues, best practices, and lessons learned.
  • Contribute to the development of M&E plans in the Great Lakes/East and Southern Africa Region.
  • Observe and reinforce country DM&E systems in country offices.
  • Conduct research of best practices for DM&E methodologies and tool development for our M&E systems.
  • Support field team in analysis of raw data.
  • Support the use of innovative methodologies and technologies in conflict analysis research.
  • Organising meetings, taking notes, and providing logistical support for the DM&E team;
  • Provide support to the Regional DM&E Specialist as needed.


  • Education or relevant work experience in peacebuilding, conflict resolution, Monitoring and Evaluation, international development, or other related fields (graduate level preferred);
  • French and English language skills and translation ability an advantage;
  • Experience in information gathering and research - book, journal and internet;
  • Excellent written and oral English skills and the ability to draft, edit and proofread;
  • Good computer skills (including Word, Excel, various Web 2.0 tools)

Preferred Attributes:

  • Proactive attitude and ability to work independently and in a team;
  • Attention to detail and strong organizational skills;
  • Creative and thorough approach to work;
  • Interest in evaluation of conflict resolution interventions.


Salary & Benefits
How To Apply


The fellow should be able to commit to working for SFCG for a minimum of 5 days per week in the Search for Common Ground Burundi office for at least a 3-month period. The ideal starting period for this fellowship would be in May 2015.

To apply please upload your (1) Cover Letter and (2) Resume to the website at as soon as possible. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

In your cover letter, please clearly state which position you are applying to, why the position is of interest, what you can bring to it and what you hope to gain from it. Please clearly state if you are seeking course credit from this fellowship and any requirements your university may have for such work. Also, please include the date you can start work, the length of your availability (in months), and the number of hours per week to which you can commit.

Please apply by Sunday, April 12th, 2014.

Application Deadline